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CNullCallbackTimerQueueMonitor Class Reference
[Null ObjectsMonitoring]

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Detailed Description

An object that implements IMonitorCallbackTimerQueue and does nothing.

Public Member Functions

void OnTimerCreated () override
void OnOneOffTimerSet () override
void OnTimerSet (const bool) override
void OnTimerUpdated (const bool, const bool) override
void OnTimer () override
void OnTimerCancelled (const bool) override
void OnTimerDestroyed (const bool) override
void OnTimerDeleted () override

Member Function Documentation

void OnTimerCreated (  )  [inline, override, virtual]

void OnOneOffTimerSet (  )  [inline, override, virtual]

void OnTimerSet ( const   bool  )  [inline, override, virtual]

void OnTimerUpdated ( const   bool,
const   bool 
) [inline, override, virtual]

void OnTimer (  )  [inline, override, virtual]

void OnTimerCancelled ( const   bool  )  [inline, override, virtual]

void OnTimerDestroyed ( const   bool  )  [inline, override, virtual]

void OnTimerDeleted (  )  [inline, override, virtual]

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