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CWaitableCounter::Decrementer Class Reference
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Detailed Description

A class that provides support for scope based decrementing of a waitable counter. The count is decreased for the life of the Decrementer; that is, it is decremented in the constructor of the and incremented in the destrutor.

Public Member Functions

 Decrementer (CWaitableCounter &counter)
 Decrement the supplied counter.
 Decrementer (const Decrementer &rhs)
 ~Decrementer ()
Decrementeroperator= (const Decrementer &rhs)
void LeaveDecremented ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Decrementer ( CWaitableCounter counter  )  [explicit]

Decrement the supplied counter.

Decrementer ( const Decrementer rhs  ) 

~Decrementer (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

Decrementer& operator= ( const Decrementer rhs  ) 

void LeaveDecremented (  ) 

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