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TIndexedOpaqueUserData Class Template Reference
[Opaque user data]

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Detailed Description

template<typename BaseDerivesFromIIndexedOpaqueUserData>
class JetByteTools::Core::TIndexedOpaqueUserData< BaseDerivesFromIIndexedOpaqueUserData >

Implements IIndexedOpaqueUserData in terms of a std::vector of void *.

Public Types


Public Member Functions

 TIndexedOpaqueUserData ()
 Create some indexed opaque user data of the specified size.
 TIndexedOpaqueUserData (const UserDataIndex numberOfSlots)
 TIndexedOpaqueUserData (const TIndexedOpaqueUserData &rhs)
TIndexedOpaqueUserDataoperator= (const TIndexedOpaqueUserData &rhs)
void * GetUserPointer (const UserDataIndex index) const override
void SetUserPointer (const UserDataIndex index, void *pData) override
ULONG_PTR GetUserData (const UserDataIndex index) const override
void SetUserData (const UserDataIndex index, const ULONG_PTR data) override

Protected Member Functions

void ResizeUserData (const UserDataIndex numberOfSlots)
void ClearUserData ()
 Sets the values stored in all indices to 0.

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TIndexedOpaqueUserData (  )  [inline]

Create some indexed opaque user data of the specified size.

TIndexedOpaqueUserData ( const UserDataIndex  numberOfSlots  )  [inline, explicit]

Member Function Documentation

void* GetUserPointer ( const UserDataIndex  index  )  const [inline, override]

void SetUserPointer ( const UserDataIndex  index,
void *  pData 
) [inline, override]

ULONG_PTR GetUserData ( const UserDataIndex  index  )  const [inline, override]

void SetUserData ( const UserDataIndex  index,
const ULONG_PTR  data 
) [inline, override]

void ResizeUserData ( const UserDataIndex  numberOfSlots  )  [inline, protected]

void ClearUserData (  )  [inline, protected]

Sets the values stored in all indices to 0.

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