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TLockableObjectConditionalOwner Class Template Reference
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Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class JetByteTools::Core::TLockableObjectConditionalOwner< T >

A class that may take ownership of a lockable object. That is it calls Lock() in the constructor and Unlock() in the destructor (but only if locked passed as true to the constructor) and can therefore be used to support scope based locking and unlocking of instances of the object.

Public Member Functions

 TLockableObjectConditionalOwner (T &lock, const bool locked=true)
 TLockableObjectConditionalOwner (const TLockableObjectConditionalOwner &rhs)
 ~TLockableObjectConditionalOwner ()
TLockableObjectConditionalOwneroperator= (const TLockableObjectConditionalOwner &rhs)
void Unlock ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TLockableObjectConditionalOwner ( T &  lock,
const bool  locked = true 
) [inline, explicit]

Member Function Documentation

void Unlock (  )  [inline]

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