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CBufferFacadeOnRawMemory Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 CBufferFacadeOnRawMemory (const void *pData, DWORD size)
 CBufferFacadeOnRawMemory (const CBufferFacadeOnRawMemory &rhs)
 ~CBufferFacadeOnRawMemory () override
CBufferFacadeOnRawMemoryoperator= (const CBufferFacadeOnRawMemory &rhs)
BufferSize GetUsed () const override
BufferSize GetSize () const override
BufferSize GetSpace () const override
BufferSize GetTotalSpace () const override
BufferSize GetSpaceAtFront () const override
BufferSize GetActualSize () const override
void RemoveSpaceAtFront () override
const BYTEGetMemory () const override
void SetMaxRead (BufferSize maxBytesToRead) override
void ReadCompleted (BufferSize bytesRead) override
void AddData (const char *pData, BufferSize dataLength) override
void AddData (const BYTE *pData, BufferSize dataLength) override
void AddData (BYTE data) override
bool AddAsMuchAsPossible (const BYTE *pData, const DWORD dataLength, DWORD &bytesAdded) override
void Use (BufferSize dataUsed) override
bool ReduceUsed (BufferSize notUsed) override
CSmartBuffer SplitBufferFromFront (BufferSize startOffset, BufferSize bytesToRemove, IPoolBuffers *pPool) override
CSmartBuffer SplitBufferFromBack (BufferSize bytesToRemove, IPoolBuffers *pPool) override
CSmartBuffer AllocateNewBuffer () const override
CSmartBuffer AllocateCustomSizedBuffer (BufferSize bufferSize) const override
CSmartBuffer DuplicateBuffer (IPoolBuffers *pPool) const override
bool Consume (BufferSize bytesToConsume) override
bool ConsumeAndRemove (BufferSize bytesToRemove) override
BYTEMakeSpaceAtFront (BufferSize spaceToAdd) override
BYTEMakeSpaceAtFront (BufferSize spaceToAdd, BufferSize spaceRequiredAtRear) override
BYTEMakeSpaceAtFrontIfPossible (BufferSize spaceToAdd) override
BYTEMakeSpaceAtFrontIfPossible (BufferSize spaceToAdd, BufferSize spaceRequiredAtRear) override
void Empty () override
void AddRef () override
void Release () override
void Release (IAddBuffersToPool &pool) override
bool WeOwnOnlyReference () const override
void OnBufferAddedToPool () override
void OnBufferRemovedFromPool () override
Operation GetOperation () const override
void SetOperation (Operation operation) override
SequenceNumber GetSequenceNumber () const override
void SetSequenceNumber (SequenceNumber sequenceNumber) override
void SetOperationData (DWORD ioSize, DWORD lastError, SequenceNumber operationSequenceNumber) override
void GetOperationData (DWORD &ioSize, DWORD &lastError) override
SequenceNumber GetOperationSequenceNumber () const override
bool IsReadOnly () const override
CSmartBuffer GetWritableBuffer () const override
void * GetUserPointer (UserDataIndex index) const override
void SetUserPointer (UserDataIndex index, void *pData) override
ULONG_PTR GetUserData (UserDataIndex index) const override
void SetUserData (UserDataIndex index, ULONG_PTR data) override

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CBufferFacadeOnRawMemory ( const void *  pData,
DWORD  size 

~CBufferFacadeOnRawMemory (  )  [override]

Member Function Documentation

CBufferFacadeOnRawMemory& operator= ( const CBufferFacadeOnRawMemory rhs  ) 

IBufferBase::BufferSize GetUsed (  )  const [override]

IBufferBase::BufferSize GetSize (  )  const [override]

IBufferBase::BufferSize GetSpace (  )  const [override]

IBufferBase::BufferSize GetTotalSpace (  )  const [override]

IBufferBase::BufferSize GetSpaceAtFront (  )  const [override]

CBufferFacadeOnRawMemory::BufferSize GetActualSize (  )  const [override]

void RemoveSpaceAtFront (  )  [override]

const BYTE * GetMemory (  )  const [override]

void SetMaxRead ( BufferSize  maxBytesToRead  )  [override]

void ReadCompleted ( BufferSize  bytesRead  )  [override]

void AddData ( const char *  pData,
BufferSize  dataLength 
) [override]

void AddData ( const BYTE pData,
BufferSize  dataLength 
) [override]

void AddData ( BYTE  data  )  [override]

bool AddAsMuchAsPossible ( const BYTE pData,
const DWORD  dataLength,
DWORD bytesAdded 
) [override]

void Use ( BufferSize  dataUsed  )  [override]

bool ReduceUsed ( BufferSize  notUsed  )  [override]

CSmartBuffer SplitBufferFromFront ( BufferSize  startOffset,
BufferSize  bytesToRemove,
IPoolBuffers pPool 
) [override]

CSmartBuffer SplitBufferFromBack ( BufferSize  bytesToRemove,
IPoolBuffers pPool 
) [override]

CSmartBuffer AllocateNewBuffer (  )  const [override]

CSmartBuffer AllocateCustomSizedBuffer ( BufferSize  bufferSize  )  const [override]

CSmartBuffer DuplicateBuffer ( IPoolBuffers pPool  )  const [override]

bool Consume ( BufferSize  bytesToConsume  )  [override]

bool ConsumeAndRemove ( BufferSize  bytesToRemove  )  [override]

BYTE * MakeSpaceAtFront ( BufferSize  spaceToAdd  )  [override]

BYTE * MakeSpaceAtFront ( BufferSize  spaceToAdd,
BufferSize  spaceRequiredAtRear 
) [override]

BYTE * MakeSpaceAtFrontIfPossible ( BufferSize  spaceToAdd  )  [override]

BYTE * MakeSpaceAtFrontIfPossible ( BufferSize  spaceToAdd,
BufferSize  spaceRequiredAtRear 
) [override]

void Empty (  )  [override]

void AddRef (  )  [override]

void Release (  )  [override]

void Release ( IAddBuffersToPool pool  )  [override]

bool WeOwnOnlyReference (  )  const [override]

void OnBufferAddedToPool (  )  [override]

void OnBufferRemovedFromPool (  )  [override]

IBuffer::Operation GetOperation (  )  const [override]

void SetOperation ( Operation  operation  )  [override]

IBuffer::SequenceNumber GetSequenceNumber (  )  const [override]

void SetSequenceNumber ( SequenceNumber  sequenceNumber  )  [override]

void SetOperationData ( DWORD  ioSize,
DWORD  lastError,
SequenceNumber  operationSequenceNumber 
) [override]

void GetOperationData ( DWORD ioSize,
DWORD lastError 
) [override]

IBuffer::SequenceNumber GetOperationSequenceNumber (  )  const [override]

bool IsReadOnly (  )  const [override]

CSmartBuffer GetWritableBuffer (  )  const [override]

void * GetUserPointer ( UserDataIndex  index  )  const [override]

void SetUserPointer ( UserDataIndex  index,
void *  pData 
) [override]

ULONG_PTR GetUserData ( UserDataIndex  index  )  const [override]

void SetUserData ( UserDataIndex  index,
ULONG_PTR  data 
) [override]

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