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IAllocateDatagramServerSockets Class Reference
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Detailed Description

An interface for allocating IPoolableDatagramServerSocket.

Public Member Functions

AllocateSocket (IPoolableSocketManager &manager, ISocketCallback &callback, SOCKET theSocket)=0
virtual void ReleaseSocket (IPoolableSocket &socket)=0
 Returns the socket to the manager, the manager can pool sockets for later reuse.
virtual DWORD AbortMyConnections (const IPoolableSocketManager &manager, ConnectionClosureReason reason)=0
 Aborts all active sockets that are managed by the supplied manager and returns the number of active sockets that were aborted.
virtual void DumpMyConnections (const IPoolableSocketManager &manager) const =0
virtual bool ReleaseSockets ()=0
RequestUserDataSlot (const _tstring &name)=0
 Request a named user data slot and get an index to use in calls to methods on IIndexedOpaqueUserData.
LockUserDataSlots ()=0
 Prevent more user data slots from being allocated. Returns the number of user data slots that have been allocated.

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~IAllocateDatagramServerSockets ()
 We never delete instances of this interface; you must manage the lifetime of the class that implements it.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~IAllocateDatagramServerSockets (  )  [protected, virtual]

We never delete instances of this interface; you must manage the lifetime of the class that implements it.

Member Function Documentation

virtual IPoolableDatagramServerSocket& AllocateSocket ( IPoolableSocketManager manager,
ISocketCallback callback,
SOCKET  theSocket 
) [pure virtual]

virtual DWORD AbortMyConnections ( const IPoolableSocketManager manager,
ConnectionClosureReason  reason 
) [pure virtual, inherited]

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