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CH264StreamParser Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 CH264StreamParser ()
 CH264StreamParser (const CH264StreamParser &rhs)
CH264StreamParseroperator= (const CH264StreamParser &rhs)
bool AddData (JetByteTools::IO::CSmartBuffer &buffer) override
void StreamComplete () override
bool Parse (CH264NALUnit &nalUnit)
bool NeedsData () const
bool EndOfStream () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CH264StreamParser ( const CH264StreamParser rhs  ) 

Member Function Documentation

CH264StreamParser& operator= ( const CH264StreamParser rhs  ) 

bool AddData ( JetByteTools::IO::CSmartBuffer buffer  )  [override, virtual]

Implements IAcceptStreamData.

void StreamComplete (  )  [override, virtual]

Implements IAcceptStreamData.

bool Parse ( CH264NALUnit nalUnit  ) 

bool NeedsData (  )  const

bool EndOfStream (  )  const

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