The C++ framework for developing highly scalable, high performance servers on Windows platforms.

JetByteTools::Core::Windows Namespace Reference


class  TAtomicOperations
class  TAtomicOperations< __int64 >
class  TAtomicOperations< long >
class  TAtomicOperations< unsigned long >
class  TAtomicOperations< void * >
class  TAtomicOperations< unsigned char * >
class  CCrashDumpGenerator
class  CDebugLogFileConfigManager
class  CEvent
class  CFileDeleter
class  CGlobalErrorHandler
class  CHighResolutionTickCountProvider
class  IWaitable
 An interface to code that can be waited for, either via the methods on the interface or by passing a handle to one of the Wait Functions. More...
class  TLockableObject
class  CLockableObject
class  CSlimLockableObject
class  TLockableObjectTracksLockingThread
class  CLockableObjectTracksLockingThread
class  CSlimLockableObjectTracksLockingThread
class  CPerformanceCounter
 A class that wraps the QueryPerformanceCounter() API for high performance timing of sections of code. More...
class  CPerThreadErrorHandler
class  CRandomByteProvider
class  TReentrantLockableObject
class  CReentrantLockableObject
class  CSlimReentrantLockableObject
class  TReentrantLockableObjectTracksLockingThread
class  CReentrantLockableObjectTracksLockingThread
class  CSlimReentrantLockableObjectTracksLockingThread
class  CSemaphore
class  CStringConverter
 String conversion functions, use these in preference to USES_CONVERSION. Doesn't suffer from the stack blowing limitations of USES_CONVERSION. More...
class  CSystemTime
 A simple class that wraps, and initialises, and manipulates a SYSTEMTIME structure. More...
class  CThread
class  CThreadLocalStorage
class  CThreadSafeWorkQueue
class  CTickCount64Provider
 A class that implements IProvideTickCount64 and returns the tick count directly from a call to the operating system GetTickCount64() function. More...
class  CTickCountProvider
 A class that implements IProvideTickCount and returns the tick count directly from a call to the operating system GetTickCount() function. See here for more details. More...


static const _tstring s_logConfig (_T("Log"))
_tstring ErrorCodeToErrorMessage (const DWORD errorCode)
string ErrorCodeToErrorMessageA (const DWORD errorCode)
JetByteTools::Win32::CEvent::ResetType MapResetType (const CEvent::ResetType resetType)
JetByteTools::Win32::CEvent::InitialState MapInitialState (const CEvent::InitialState initialState)
static LARGE_INTEGER GetFrequencyInternal ()
static LARGE_INTEGER GetCounterInternal ()
static void PerThreadHandlerAtExitDetector ()
static HCRYPTPROV AcquireCryptographicProvider ()
static DWORD ObtainProviderType ()
static DWORD AcquireContext (HCRYPTPROV &hCryptProv, const DWORD type, const _tstring &name)
void SleepMilliseconds (const DWORD milliseconds)
static int GetDaysThisYearFrom (const SYSTEMTIME &date1, const SYSTEMTIME &date2)
static int GetDaysThisYearTo (const SYSTEMTIME &date)
static const TCHARGetDay (WORD day)
static const TCHARGetMonth (WORD month)
static const char * GetDayA (WORD day)
static const char * GetMonthA (WORD month)
static void ValidateInRangeForDisplay (const SYSTEMTIME &date, const _tstring &location)
static bool ConvertCodePoint (DWORD cp, BYTE *&pOutput, DWORD outputSize, DWORD &outputSpaceUsed, DWORD &index, DWORD bytesConsumedThisTime)
DWORD decode (DWORD *pState, DWORD *pCodePoint, const DWORD inputByte)


static const _tstring s_emptyString
static bool s_processIsExiting = false
static const __int64 s_millisecondsInADay = 1000 * 60 * 60 * 24
static const _tstring s_emptyString
static const string s_emptyStringA
static const wstring s_emptyStringW
static const BYTE utf8d []

Function Documentation

static DWORD JetByteTools::Core::Windows::AcquireContext ( HCRYPTPROV &  hCryptProv,
const DWORD  type,
const _tstring &  name 
) [static]

static HCRYPTPROV AcquireCryptographicProvider (  )  [static]

static bool ConvertCodePoint ( DWORD  cp,
BYTE *&  pOutput,
DWORD  outputSize,
DWORD outputSpaceUsed,
DWORD index,
DWORD  bytesConsumedThisTime 
) [static]

DWORD JetByteTools::Core::Windows::decode ( DWORD pState,
DWORD pCodePoint,
const DWORD  inputByte 

_tstring ErrorCodeToErrorMessage ( const DWORD  errorCode  ) 

std::string ErrorCodeToErrorMessageA ( const DWORD  errorCode  ) 

static LARGE_INTEGER GetCounterInternal (  )  [static]

static const TCHAR * GetDay ( WORD  day  )  [static]

static const char * GetDayA ( WORD  day  )  [static]

static int GetDaysThisYearFrom ( const SYSTEMTIME date1,
const SYSTEMTIME date2 
) [static]

static int GetDaysThisYearTo ( const SYSTEMTIME date  )  [static]

static LARGE_INTEGER GetFrequencyInternal (  )  [static]

static const TCHAR * GetMonth ( WORD  month  )  [static]

static const char * GetMonthA ( WORD  month  )  [static]

JetByteTools::Win32::CEvent::InitialState JetByteTools::Core::Windows::MapInitialState ( const CEvent::InitialState  initialState  )  [inline]

JetByteTools::Win32::CEvent::ResetType JetByteTools::Core::Windows::MapResetType ( const CEvent::ResetType  resetType  )  [inline]

static DWORD ObtainProviderType (  )  [static]

static void PerThreadHandlerAtExitDetector (  )  [static]

static const _tstring JetByteTools::Core::Windows::s_logConfig ( _T("Log")   )  [static]

void SleepMilliseconds ( const DWORD  milliseconds  ) 

static void ValidateInRangeForDisplay ( const SYSTEMTIME date,
const _tstring &  location 
) [static]

Variable Documentation

const _tstring s_emptyString [static]

const _tstring s_emptyString [static]

const string s_emptyStringA [static]

const wstring s_emptyStringW [static]

const __int64 s_millisecondsInADay = 1000 * 60 * 60 * 24 [static]

bool s_processIsExiting = false [static]

const BYTE utf8d[] [static]

Initial value:


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