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CallbackTimerQueueEx.h File Reference


namespace  JetByteTools
namespace  JetByteTools::Core


class  CCallbackTimerQueueEx
 A class that manages a group of timers that implement IQueueTimers::Timer and which have their IQueueTimers::Timer::OnTimer() method called when the timer expires. You must manually manage the handling and processing of timeouts by calling IManageTimerQueue::BeginTimeoutHandling() every IManageTimerQueue::GetNextTimeout() milliseconds. See here for more details. Note: the maximum timeout that you can set is 4294967294ms as 0xFFFFFFF is reserved as 'INFINITE' i.e. a timer that never expires. Internally the code uses an unsigned 64 bit counter which will wrap in around 584942417.4 years from the creation of the timer queue. You cannot set a timer that crosses this wrap point and an exception will be thrown. GetMaximumTimeout() does not report the reducing maximum timeout as the wrap point approaches, it will always return 4294967294ms. More...
class  CCallbackTimerQueueEx::TimerDataIntrusiveMultiMapNodeKeyAccessor
class  CCallbackTimerQueueEx::TimerDataIntrusiveMultiMapNodeAccessor

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