The C++ framework for developing highly scalable, high performance servers on Windows platforms.

FileUtils.cpp File Reference


namespace  JetByteTools
namespace  JetByteTools::Core


static bool StringIsAllANSI (const std::wstring &data)
_tstring GetExePath ()
_tstring GetExeFileName ()
void WriteResourceToFile (HANDLE hFile, const _tstring &resourceName, const _tstring &resourceType, const HMODULE hModule)
void CreateDirectory (const _tstring &directory)
bool CreateDirectoryIfRequired (const _tstring &directory)
size_t CreateDirectoriesIfRequired (const _tstring &directory)
_tstring GetCurrentDirectory ()
void SetCurrentDirectory (const _tstring &directory)
bool DirectoryExists (const _tstring &directory)
_tstring EnsurePathEndsWithSingleBackslash (const _tstring &path)
_tstring CombinePath (const _tstring &path1, const _tstring &path2)
bool TryCombinePath (_tstring &combinedPath, const _tstring &path1, const _tstring &path2)
_tstring BuildPath (const _tstring &path1, const _tstring &path2)
bool PathHasRelativeRoot (const _tstring &path)
_tstring ResolveRelativePath (const _tstring &path)
_tstring ResolveRelativePath (const _tstring &path, const _tstring &root)
_tstring MakePathAbsolute (const _tstring &path)
_tstring MakePathAbsolute (const _tstring &path, const _tstring &root)
_tstring GetTempFileName (const _tstring &pathName, const _tstring &prefixString, const unsigned int unique)
_tstring GetTempFileName (const _tstring &prefixString, const unsigned int unique)
_tstring GetTempPath ()
_tstring GetFileExtension (const _tstring &filename)
_tstring StripFileExtension (const _tstring &filename)
string StripFileExtensionA (const string &filename)
_tstring GetRootDirectoryFromPath (const _tstring &path)
_tstring GetFileNameFromPathName (const _tstring &pathName)
_tstring GetFileNameFromPathName (const _tstring &pathName, const _tstring &separators)
string GetFileNameFromPathNameA (const string &pathName)
string GetFileNameFromPathNameA (const string &pathName, const string &separators)
_tstring StripFileNameFromPathName (const _tstring &pathName)
_tstring StripFileNameFromPathName (const _tstring &pathName, const _tstring &separators)
string StripFileNameFromPathNameA (const string &pathName)
string StripFileNameFromPathNameA (const string &pathName, const string &separators)
void DeleteFile (const _tstring &fileName)
void DeleteFileIfExists (const _tstring &fileName)
void RemoveDirectoryAndContents (const _tstring &directory)
void RemoveDirectoryContents (const _tstring &directory)
void MoveFile (const _tstring &filenameFrom, const _tstring &filenameTo)
void CopyFile (const _tstring &filenameFrom, const _tstring &filenameTo, const bool failIfExists)
void SaveStringAsFile (const _tstring &filename, const _tstring &data)
void SaveStringAsFileA (const _tstring &filename, const string &data)
void SaveStringToFile (const _tstring &filename, HANDLE hFile, const _tstring &data)
void SaveStringToFileA (const _tstring &filename, HANDLE hFile, const string &data)
__int64 GetFileSize (const _tstring &filename)
wstring LoadFileAsUnicodeString (const _tstring &filename, bool *pFileWasUnicode)
void SaveUnicodeStringAsFile (const _tstring &filename, const std::wstring &data, const bool saveAsANSIifPossible)
void LoadFileAsBinaryData (const _tstring &filename, TExpandableBuffer< BYTE > &buffer)
void SaveBinaryDataAsFile (const _tstring &filename, const TExpandableBuffer< BYTE > &buffer)
_tstring LoadFileAsString (const _tstring &filename)
string LoadFileAsStringA (const _tstring &filename)
_tstring LoadFileAsString (HANDLE hFile, const _tstring &filename)
string LoadFileAsStringA (HANDLE hFile, const _tstring &filename)
bool FileExists (const _tstring &fileName)
bool FileExistsA (const string &fileName)
bool FileDoesNotExist (const _tstring &fileName)
bool FileExistsAndIsReadLocked (const _tstring &fileName)

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