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FlowControlStreamSocketConnectionFilter.h File Reference


namespace  JetByteTools
namespace  JetByteTools::IO
namespace  JetByteTools::Socket


class  CFlowControlStreamSocketConnectionFilter
 A connection filter that will manage the flow of data on a connection so as to prevent uncontrolled resource usage if there is more data to send than the connection can manage. The filter monitors the rate at which writes that are issues on the connection are completing. If the rate is slower than the rate at which new writes are being issued on the connection then the filter begins to buffer the data in a list and will send it when the connection has capacity. If the list exceeds a predefined maximum amount of buffered data then the filter will either begin to discard data either in a FIFO or LIFO order or it will call a callback method that you supply and give you the list to deal with. More...
class  CFlowControlStreamSocketConnectionFilter::IProcessBufferList

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