The C++ framework for developing highly scalable, high performance servers on Windows platforms.

ILimitConnections.h File Reference


namespace  JetByteTools
namespace  JetByteTools::Socket


class  ILimitConnections
 An interface to an object that manages the number of connections currently in progress and that can disallow any more connections being made. Call CanCreateConnection() when you wish to create a new connection and if it returns true then you can create your connection and call ReleaseConnection() when the connection terminates. If it returns false then you should not create your connection. More...
class  ILimitConnections::Creator
 A class that takes ownership of an attempt at connection creation. That is if you call CanCreateConnection() through it and then do not call ConnectionCreated() then the destructor will assume something went awry and call ReleaseConnection(). This class can therefore be used to support scope based connection creation. More...

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