The C++ framework for developing highly scalable, high performance servers on Windows platforms.

AsyncFileLog.h File Reference


namespace  JetByteTools
namespace  JetByteTools::Core
namespace  JetByteTools::IO


class  CAsyncFileLog
 A class that implements JetByteTools::Core::ILogMessages to provide an asynchronous file log that uses overlapped I/O to perform writes to the log file. This class allows you to change the name of the log file after creation but this functionality should be externally synchronised with any use of the various LogMessage() calls and any calls on the IWaitable interface to ensure that SetLogName() is never called concurrently to one of the other calls. The reason that we require YOU to do this synchronisation work is that when used carefully (i.e. SetLogName() is never called when the class is being used by multiple threads) then there is no need to synchronise the calls to LogMessage(). More...

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