The C++ framework for developing highly scalable, high performance servers on Windows platforms.

RTSPMethods.h File Reference


namespace  JetByteTools
namespace  JetByteTools::Streaming


static const std::string s_RTSPMethodANNOUNCE = "ANNOUNCE"
static const std::string s_RTSPMethodDESCRIBE = "DESCRIBE"
static const std::string s_RTSPMethodOPTIONS = "OPTIONS"
static const std::string s_RTSPMethodPAUSE = "PAUSE"
static const std::string s_RTSPMethodPLAY = "PLAY"
static const std::string s_RTSPMethodSETUP = "SETUP"
static const std::string s_RTSPMethodTEARDOWN = "TEARDOWN"
static const std::string s_RTSPMethodGET_PARAMETER = "GET_PARAMETER"
static const std::string s_RTSPMethodSET_PARAMETER = "SET_PARAMETER"
static const std::string s_RTSPMethodRECORD = "RECORD"
static const std::string s_RTSPMethodREDIRECT = "REDIRECT"
static const DWORD s_maxRTSPMethodLength

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