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ReadTimeoutStreamSocketConnectionFilter.h File Reference


namespace  JetByteTools
namespace  JetByteTools::Socket


class  CReadTimeoutStreamSocketConnectionFilter
 A connection filter that filters supplied read timeout functionality. A call to SetReadTimeout() on a socket will set a timeout for every read operation that is issued on the socket. If the timeout expires then the TimerCallback::OnTimer() method of the callback that was passed to the call to SetReadTimeout() is called with the socket and user data. If you require different user data and/or timer callbacks for a particular timeout then you can call SetSingleReadTimeout() to specify this information. Normal usage is to call SetReadTimeout() when the connection is established and then, possibly, call SetSingleReadTimeout() when the 'default' timeout occurs on a socket to change the timeout parameters from this point on... Call CancelReadTimeout() to stop setting timeouts on all future reads (and to cancel any currently pending timeout) and CancelPendingTimeout() to just cancel any currently pending timeouts but to continue to set timeouts on all subsequent read operations. More...
class  CReadTimeoutStreamSocketConnectionFilter::TimerCallback

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