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Release Notes - C++ Tools Library

You might also be interested in the release notes for the libraries that this one is built on:

Version 6.0
  • This library was merged with the Win32 Tools Library.

Version 5.2.4
  • We no longer support Visual Studio 6.
  • We now compile with /Wall (in VS2005 and later) to enable all warnings, even those that are disabled by default.
  • Added const versions of JetByteTools::TReferenceCountedSmartPointer::Get() and JetByteTools::TReferenceCountedSmartPointer::GetRef().
  • Added JetByteTools::TReferenceCountedSmartPointer::Release().

Version 5.2.3
  • Some whitespace changes to remove incorrect tabs.

Version 5.2.2
  • No changes

Version 5.2.1
  • VS 2008 support - Adding projects and solutions and excluding warning 4627...
  • This is the first release built using continuous integration, some project file fixes to fix incorrect output directories, etc so that x64 and x86 builds can be done in complete isolation.

Version 5.2
  • x64 port - Some data types have changed...
  • Some tightening up on const.
  • Some classes now take explicit security attributes.
  • Added JetByteTools::CDebugTrace, JetByteTools::CMessageLog, JetByteTools::ILogMessages and JetByteTools::CNullMessageLog and legitimised the concept of debug tracing. If you want performance you should look at JetByteTools::IO:CAsyncFileLog from the IO Tools Library.
  • Added TypeSafeTypedef.h which provides a fairly basic implementation of a "typedef" that uses a unique type as its base and it not convertible to other typedefs of the same base...

There were no release notes for this library prior to version 5.2

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