The C++ framework for developing highly scalable, high performance servers on Windows platforms.

Example Servers - Echo Server MFC

This example shows you how to build another simple server. The basic structure is very similar to the Basic Echo Server example and you should go and read about that first and have a good understanding of how everything fits together. This document will only cover the differences between the Basic Echo Server example and this example.

This example is shipped with all licensed versions of The Server Framework and it requires the core server framework libraries (see here for licensing options). You can always download the latest version of this example from here; and although you will need the correct libraries to be able to build it you can look at the example code and see how it works and perhaps get ideas from it. A compiled, unicode release, build of this example is available on request if you require it for performance analysis of the framework.

The main difference between this server and the Basic Echo Server is that it demonstrates linking with the MFC libraries. Some customers had problems doing this, so we thought it was worth putting an example together. Personally we never use MFC inside a server and it's unlikely that we'd design a server which contained a user interface as we believe that it's generally better to create a separate user interface application and have it talk to the server via sockets...

Anyway, the difficulty of linking with MFC is explained here and we provide the following header file: UsingMFC.h to get around the problem. We include this header in the ServerMain.cpp file and then demonstrate that it has worked by calling the testMFC() function from within the constructor of our server.

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