The C++ framework for developing highly scalable, high performance servers on Windows platforms.

Example Servers - Miscellaneous Servers

These examples require various licensing options (see here for licensing options) and they also require additional libraries, contact us for details if you're interested. You can always download the latest version of these examples from here; and although you will need the correct libraries to be able to build them you can look at the code and see how it works and perhaps get ideas from it. Compiled, unicode release, builds of these examples are available on request if you require them for performance analysis of the framework.

  • Winsock Bluetooth server - an example server which uses the Bluetooth sockets support to provide a server which handles bluetooth connections.
  • HTTP server - a simple HTPP server, useful for embedding into a server to provide a web interface to display performance metrics or allow configuration, etc.
  • OpenSSL HTTPS server - the above server but with SSL support.
  • HTTP server test - a simple HTTP client which can generate 1000's of concurrent connections and send data at configurable rates. Note that this client can also create secure, HTTPS, connections if required
  • Telnet server - a simple server which implements the telnet protocol.
  • POP3 email server.
  • POP3 email gateway.

A full list of all of the example servers available can be found here: Example Servers

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