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Precompiled Headers
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All of the code builds using precompiled headers for speed of compilation using pragma hdrstop to detail where the precompiled header stops. There's also always a 'no precompiled header' build which is used to make sure that include file dependencies are 'correct' and kept to a minimum. In a nutshell, putting pragma hdrstop in a source file that isn't compiled with /Yc or /Yu has no effect at all. If you have /Yu set for the file then hdrstop tells the compiler to throw away everything before the line on which hdrstop appears and insert the precompiled header instead. If /Yc is set for the file then hdrstop means save all of the compiled state for everything up to the line on which hdrstop appears as the precompiled header. The trick is using /Yc and /Yu without the optional header file name; just check the 'use' or 'create' radio button and leave the 'through header' edit box blank (or edit the dsp). See here for more details.

This section contains links to the code that implements this concept.


file  JetByteTools/PerfMonTools/PrecompiledHeader.cpp
 This file is compiled to produce the precompiled header in builds which use it.

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