The C++ framework for developing highly scalable, high performance servers on Windows platforms.

Sockets utility code
[Socket Tools Library]

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file  JB_MSWSock.h
 This is a copy of a mswsock.h file from a Platform SDK. We have our own copy so that we can compile without a Platform SDK.


class  CNullSocketAllocationMonitor
 An object that implements IMonitorSocketAllocation and does nothing. More...
class  CSocket
 A slightly confused class that acts as both a scope based wrapper around a SOCKET and that also provides static member functions that enable you to call wrapped socket functions on a bare SOCKET. More...
class  CSocketClosedException
 An exception that can be thrown if you attempt an operation on a socket that is closed. More...
class  CUsesWinsock
 A simple object to support scope based Winsock initialisation and uninitialisation. Create an instance of this at the scope where you want Winsock to be available and it will be automatically uninitialised when the scope ends. More...

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