The C++ framework for developing highly scalable, high performance servers on Windows platforms.

Writing your first TCP client

As with writing a TCP server, the easiest way to start writing a new client is to take a look at the examples.

This guide will assume that you have a copy of EchoClient example and will explain how the client is put together, how you get it to do the work that you want and how you configure it.

A simple client will usually consist of at least 3 files; a ClientMain.cpp file that puts together the objects required to run the client and configures them, and ConnectionManager.h and ConnectionManager.cpp files that provide a link between the framework and the connection manager callbacks that you will implement to act on various network events that happen during the lifetime of the connections that your client makes. We'll start by looking at the ConnectionManager.h file. For the simplest EchoClient this file could look something like this: TODO...

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