The C++ framework for developing highly scalable, high performance servers on Windows platforms.

PerformanceMonitorDLL.h File Reference


namespace  JetByteTools
namespace  JetByteTools::PerfMon


DWORD WINAPI PerfData_Open (PWSTR pDevNames)
DWORD WINAPI PerfData_Close ()
DWORD WINAPI PerfData_Collect (PWSTR pszValueName, PVOID *ppData, PDWORD pcbTotalBytes, PDWORD pNumObjectTypes)
void SetInstance (ICollectPerformanceData *pInstance)

Function Documentation

DWORD WINAPI PerfData_Close (  ) 

DWORD WINAPI PerfData_Collect ( PWSTR  pszValueName,
PVOID *  ppData,
PDWORD  pcbTotalBytes,
PDWORD  pNumObjectTypes 

DWORD WINAPI PerfData_Open ( PWSTR  pDevNames  ) 

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