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Value Member List

This is the complete list of members for Value, including all inherited members.

append(const Value &value)Value
ArrayIndex typedefValue
asBool() const Value
asCString() const Value
asDouble() const Value
asFloat() const Value
asInt() const Value
asInt64() const Value
asLargestInt() const Value
asLargestUInt() const Value
asString() const Value
asUInt() const Value
asUInt64() const Value
begin() const Value
compare(const Value &other) const Value
const_iterator typedefValue
empty() const Value
end() const Value
get(ArrayIndex index, const Value &defaultValue) const Value
get(const char *key, const Value &defaultValue) const Value
get(const std::string &key, const Value &defaultValue) const Value
getComment(CommentPlacement placement) const Value
getMemberNames() const Value
hasComment(CommentPlacement placement) const Value
Int typedefValue
Int64 typedefValue
isArray() const Value
isBool() const Value
isConvertibleTo(ValueType other) const Value
isDouble() const Value
isInt() const Value
isInt64() const Value
isIntegral() const Value
isMember(const char *key) const Value
isMember(const std::string &key) const Value
isNull() const Value
isNumeric() const Value
isObject() const Value
isString() const Value
isUInt() const Value
isUInt64() const Value
isValidIndex(ArrayIndex index) const Value
iterator typedefValue
LargestInt typedefValue
LargestUInt typedefValue
maxIntValue [static]
maxInt64Value [static]
maxLargestIntValue [static]
maxLargestUIntValue [static]
maxUIntValue [static]
maxUInt64Value [static]
Members typedefValue
minIntValue [static]
minInt64Value [static]
minLargestIntValue [static]
nullValue [static]
nullRefValue [static]
ObjectValues typedefValue
operator!() const Value
operator!=(const Value &other) const Value
operator<(const Value &other) const Value
operator<=(const Value &other) const Value
operator=(const Value &other)Value
operator==(const Value &other) const Value
operator>(const Value &other) const Value
operator>=(const Value &other) const Value
operator[](ArrayIndex index)Value
operator[](int index)Value
operator[](ArrayIndex index) const Value
operator[](int index) const Value
operator[](const char *key)Value
operator[](const char *key) const Value
operator[](const std::string &key)Value
operator[](const std::string &key) const Value
operator[](const StaticString &key)Value
removeIndex(ArrayIndex i, Value *removed)Value
removeMember(const char *key)Value
removeMember(const std::string &key)Value
removeMember(const char *key, Value *removed)Value
resize(ArrayIndex size)Value
setComment(const char *comment, CommentPlacement placement)Value
setComment(const char *comment, size_t len, CommentPlacement placement)Value
setComment(const std::string &comment, CommentPlacement placement)Value
size() const Value
swap(Value &other)Value
swapPayload(Value &other)Value
toStyledString() const Value
type() const Value
UInt typedefValue
UInt64 typedefValue
Value(ValueType type=nullValue)Value
Value(Int value)Value
Value(UInt value)Value
Value(Int64 value)Value
Value(UInt64 value)Value
Value(double value)Value
Value(const char *value)Value
Value(const char *beginValue, const char *endValue)Value
Value(const StaticString &value)Value
Value(const std::string &value)Value
Value(bool value)Value
Value(const Value &other)Value
ValueIteratorBase classValue [friend]

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