The C++ framework for developing highly scalable, high performance servers on Windows platforms.

Release Notes - Core Tools Library

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  • C++ Tools (this was a separate library prior to version 6.0 at which point it was merged with the Win32 Tools Library
  • Win32 Tools (most of the code in the Core Tools Library was originally found in the Win32 Tools library prior to release 7.0)

Version 7.4
  • Remove support for Visual Studio 2015.
  • Remove deprecated functionality.

Version 7.3
Version 7.2
  • Removal of manual "#define include guards" now that all supported compilers support pragma once.
  • Removal of out of date lint directives.
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2022 Preview.

Version 7.1
  • Created some cross platform shim headers that include the correct platform's implementation automatically. For example, Atomic.h which includes JetByteTools/CoreTools/std/Atomic.h or JetByteTools/CoreTools/Windows/Atomic.h and creates typedefs for the types to bring them into the Core Tools namespace. The typedef arrangement may change in a later release.
  • Begin to restrict some class functionality based on what is available in cross platform implementations. For example, events on Windows can be cross process with security information attached and this is unlikely to work on other platforms so we have a reduced functionality event in Core Tools for cross platform use and a full functionality event in Win32 Tools for use only on Windows. In many places the extra functionality from the native class will not always be required; you should use the Core Tools class if at all possible.
  • Added JetByteTools::Core::CReferenceCount which should be used in place of direct access to the operating system's InterlockedIncrement() and InterlockedDecrement() when what we are doing is managing a reference count.
  • Fixed how the lockable object debug defines work and when and how you can enable re-entrancy checking. It now works better.

Version 7.0
  • Major changes due to preparations for multi-platform support. Addition of CoreTools library which contains all cross platform code that was previously in Win32Tools.

There were no release notes for this library prior to version 7.0

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