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CharReader Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Interface for reading JSON from a char array.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~CharReader ()
virtual bool parse (char const *beginDoc, char const *endDoc, Value *root, std::string *errs)=0


class  Factory

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~CharReader (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool parse ( char const *  beginDoc,
char const *  endDoc,
Value root,
std::string *  errs 
) [pure virtual]

Read a Value from a JSON document. The document must be a UTF-8 encoded string containing the document to read.

beginDoc Pointer on the beginning of the UTF-8 encoded string of the document to read.
endDoc Pointer on the end of the UTF-8 encoded string of the document to read. Must be >= beginDoc.
root [out] Contains the root value of the document if it was successfully parsed.
errs [out] Formatted error messages (if not NULL) a user friendly string that lists errors in the parsed document.
true if the document was successfully parsed, false if an error occurred.

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