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StaticString Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Lightweight wrapper to tag static string.

Value constructor and objectValue member assignement takes advantage of the StaticString and avoid the cost of string duplication when storing the string or the member name.

Example of usage:

 JB_Json::Value aValue( StaticString("some text") );
 JB_Json::Value object;
 static const StaticString code("code");
 object[code] = 1234;

Public Member Functions

 StaticString (const char *czstring)
 operator const char * () const
const char * c_str () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StaticString ( const char *  czstring  )  [inline, explicit]

Member Function Documentation

operator const char * (  )  const [inline]

const char* c_str (  )  const [inline]

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