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CDebugLogBase Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  MessageClass {
  Error = 0x01, Warning = 0x02, Info = 0x04, Trace = 0x10,
  Verbose = 0x20, Dump = 0x40, All = 0xFF, None = 0x00,
  Always = 0x00
typedef std::map
< JetByteTools::Core::_tstring,
typedef DWORD SubSystems

Public Member Functions

 CDebugLogBase (const CDebugLogBase &rhs)
CDebugLogBaseoperator= (const CDebugLogBase &rhs)
bool DebugLogSystem () const
void ConfigureDefaults (bool showSubSystem, bool showMessageClass, bool dumpSettings, bool debugLogSystem)
void Configure (const IConfiguration &config, LogDump &dump) override=0

Static Public Member Functions

static void DisplayDump (const LogDump &dump)

Protected Types

typedef std::vector
< SubSystems
typedef std::set
< SubSystems
typedef std::vector
< SubSystemDetails

Protected Member Functions

 CDebugLogBase ()
void ConfigureSubSystem (SubSystemInfo &subSystems, const _tstring &subSystem, DWORD enabledMessageClasses=All, bool configureChildren=true)
bool TryConfigureSubSystem (SubSystemInfo &subSystems, const _tstring &subSystem, DWORD enabledMessageClasses=All, bool configureChildren=true)
void ConfigureFrom (SubSystemInfo &subSystems, const IConfiguration &config, LogDump &dump, bool suppressDump=false)
void DumpConfiguration (const SubSystemInfo &subSystems, LogDump &dump) const
void Configure (SubSystemInfo &subSystems, const IConfiguration &config, SubSystemDetails &subSystem) const
void SetChildrenRecursively (SubSystemInfo &subSystems, const Children &children, bool setEnabledMessageClasses, MessageClass enabledMessageClasses, bool setShowSubSystem, bool showSubSystem, bool setShowMessageClass, bool showMessageClass) const
void DumpSubSystem (const SubSystemInfo &subSystems, const SubSystemDetails &subSystem, Displayed &displayed, LogDump &dump, int depth) const

Static Protected Member Functions

static const
std::string & 
MessageClassAsString (MessageClass msgClass)
static void AddSubSystem (SubSystemInfo &subSystems, SubSystems subSystem, const char *pName, SubSystems parent=0)

Static Protected Attributes

static const std::string s_sep


struct  SubSystemDetails

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<SubSystems> Children [protected]

typedef std::set<SubSystems> Displayed [protected]

typedef std::vector<SubSystemDetails> SubSystemInfo [protected]

typedef DWORD SubSystems [inherited]

Reimplemented in CDebugLog, CDebugLog, CDebugLog, CDebugLog, and CDebugLog.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum MessageClass [inherited]


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CDebugLogBase ( const CDebugLogBase rhs  ) 

CDebugLogBase (  )  [protected]

Member Function Documentation

CDebugLogBase& operator= ( const CDebugLogBase rhs  ) 

bool DebugLogSystem (  )  const

void ConfigureDefaults ( bool  showSubSystem,
bool  showMessageClass,
bool  dumpSettings,
bool  debugLogSystem 

const string & MessageClassAsString ( MessageClass  msgClass  )  [static, protected]

void AddSubSystem ( SubSystemInfo subSystems,
SubSystems  subSystem,
const char *  pName,
SubSystems  parent = 0 
) [static, protected]

void ConfigureSubSystem ( SubSystemInfo subSystems,
const _tstring subSystem,
DWORD  enabledMessageClasses = All,
bool  configureChildren = true 
) [protected]

bool TryConfigureSubSystem ( SubSystemInfo subSystems,
const _tstring subSystem,
DWORD  enabledMessageClasses = All,
bool  configureChildren = true 
) [protected]

void ConfigureFrom ( SubSystemInfo subSystems,
const IConfiguration config,
LogDump dump,
bool  suppressDump = false 
) [protected]

void DumpConfiguration ( const SubSystemInfo subSystems,
LogDump dump 
) const [protected]

void Configure ( SubSystemInfo subSystems,
const IConfiguration config,
SubSystemDetails subSystem 
) const [protected]

void SetChildrenRecursively ( SubSystemInfo subSystems,
const Children children,
bool  setEnabledMessageClasses,
MessageClass  enabledMessageClasses,
bool  setShowSubSystem,
bool  showSubSystem,
bool  setShowMessageClass,
bool  showMessageClass 
) const [protected]

void DumpSubSystem ( const SubSystemInfo subSystems,
const SubSystemDetails subSystem,
Displayed displayed,
LogDump dump,
int  depth 
) const [protected]

static void DisplayDump ( const LogDump dump  )  [inline, static, inherited]

Member Data Documentation

const string s_sep [static, protected]

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