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CServiceManagerBase Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 CServiceManagerBase (const CServiceManagerBase &rhs)
CServiceManagerBaseoperator= (const CServiceManagerBase &rhs)
void AddService (IService &service)
void AddService (IService *pService)
void ProcessCommandLine ()
ServiceTypes::ExitCode Run ()
bool WaitForAllServicesToStop (JetByteTools::Milliseconds timeout)

Protected Member Functions

 CServiceManagerBase (ICommunicateWithSCM &scm, const JetByteTools::Core::_tstring &name, const JetByteTools::Core::_tstring &version, bool runInDebugModeIfNoCommandLineArgs)
 ~CServiceManagerBase () override
void InstallServices ()
bool InstallCounters (JetByteTools::Core::_tstring &message)
bool RemoveCounters (JetByteTools::Core::_tstring &message)
void RemoveServices ()
ServiceTypes::ExitCode StartServices ()
ServiceTypes::ExitCode DebugServices ()
void SetInstanceName (const JetByteTools::Core::_tstring &instanceName)
GetInstanceName () const
bool SupportsPerformanceCounters () const
JetByteTools::Core::_tstring GetServiceName () const
void ParseCommandLine ()
void MessageBox (const JetByteTools::Core::_tstring &message) const override


static friend void WINAPI ServiceMain_ (DWORD argc, PTSTR *ppArgv)
static friend DWORD
ServiceHandlerEx_ (DWORD dwControl, DWORD dwEventType, LPVOID lpEventData, LPVOID lpContext)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CServiceManagerBase ( ICommunicateWithSCM scm,
const JetByteTools::Core::_tstring name,
const JetByteTools::Core::_tstring version,
bool  runInDebugModeIfNoCommandLineArgs 
) [protected]

~CServiceManagerBase (  )  [override, protected]

Member Function Documentation

CServiceManagerBase& operator= ( const CServiceManagerBase rhs  ) 

void AddService ( IService service  ) 

void AddService ( IService pService  ) 

void ProcessCommandLine (  ) 

bool WaitForAllServicesToStop ( JetByteTools::Milliseconds  timeout  ) 

void InstallServices (  )  [protected]

bool InstallCounters ( JetByteTools::Core::_tstring message  )  [protected]

bool RemoveCounters ( JetByteTools::Core::_tstring message  )  [protected]

void RemoveServices (  )  [protected]

ServiceTypes::ExitCode StartServices (  )  [protected]

ServiceTypes::ExitCode DebugServices (  )  [protected]

void SetInstanceName ( const JetByteTools::Core::_tstring instanceName  )  [protected]

const _tstring & GetInstanceName (  )  const [protected]

bool SupportsPerformanceCounters (  )  const [protected]

_tstring GetServiceName (  )  const [protected]

void ParseCommandLine (  )  [protected]

void MessageBox ( const JetByteTools::Core::_tstring message  )  const [override, protected, virtual]

Implements IDisplayMessageBox.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

static friend void WINAPI ServiceMain_ ( DWORD  argc,
PTSTR *  ppArgv 
) [friend]

static friend DWORD WINAPI ServiceHandlerEx_ ( DWORD  dwControl,
DWORD  dwEventType,
LPVOID  lpEventData,
LPVOID  lpContext 
) [friend]

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