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CServiceStatus Class Reference

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Public Types

typedef unsigned long Handle

Public Member Functions

 CServiceStatus (ICommunicateServiceStatusToSCM &scm)
 CServiceStatus (const CServiceStatus &rhs)
CServiceStatusoperator= (const CServiceStatus &rhs)
void Initialise (const JetByteTools::Core::_tstring &serviceName, DWORD serviceType, DWORD initialControls, LPHANDLER_FUNCTION_EX pfnHandler, void *pvContext)
bool HasFailureActions () const
void HasFailureActions (bool hasFailureActions)
void AcceptControls (DWORD flags, bool accept=true) override
void ServiceIsRunning () override
void ServiceIsStopping () override
void ReportStatus () const override
void SetUltimateState (DWORD ultimateState, DWORD waitHint) override
void AdvanceState (DWORD waitHint, DWORD checkPoint=0) override
void ReportUltimateState () override
void ReportWin32FatalError (DWORD dwError) override
void ReportServiceSpecificFatalError (DWORD dwError) override
bool IsInDebugMode () const override
void Notify (JetByteTools::Milliseconds nextNotificationMillis) override
Handle RegisterForDeviceNotification () override
Handle RegisterForDeviceNotification (const GUID &deviceInterfaceGuid) override
Handle RegisterForDeviceNotification (HANDLE hDevice) override
Handle RegisterForPowerSettingNotification (const GUID &powerSettingGuid) override
void UnregisterNotification (Handle handle) override
void UnregisterNotifications () override
virtual void UnregisterNotification (Handle handle)=0

Static Public Member Functions

static const
GetServiceTypeAsString (DWORD serviceType)
static const
GetStartUpTypeAsString (ServiceTypes::StartupType startupType)
static const
GetErrorHandlingAsString (ServiceTypes::ErrorHandling errorHandling)
static const
GetServiceStateAsString (DWORD serviceState)
static const
GetServiceStateAsString (const SERVICE_STATUS &serviceStatus)
GetControlsAcceptedAsString (DWORD controlsAccepted)
GetControlsAcceptedAsString (const SERVICE_STATUS &serviceStatus)

Static Public Attributes

static const Handle InvalidHandleValue = 0

Static Protected Attributes

static const Handle PowerHandleMask = 0xF0000000
static const Handle MaxHandleValue = 0x0FFFFFFF

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned long Handle [inherited]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CServiceStatus ( ICommunicateServiceStatusToSCM scm  )  [explicit]

CServiceStatus ( const CServiceStatus rhs  ) 

Member Function Documentation

const _tstring & GetServiceTypeAsString ( DWORD  serviceType  )  [static]

const _tstring & GetStartUpTypeAsString ( ServiceTypes::StartupType  startupType  )  [static]

const _tstring & GetErrorHandlingAsString ( ServiceTypes::ErrorHandling  errorHandling  )  [static]

const _tstring & GetServiceStateAsString ( DWORD  serviceState  )  [static]

const _tstring & GetServiceStateAsString ( const SERVICE_STATUS &  serviceStatus  )  [static]

_tstring GetControlsAcceptedAsString ( DWORD  controlsAccepted  )  [static]

_tstring GetControlsAcceptedAsString ( const SERVICE_STATUS &  serviceStatus  )  [static]

CServiceStatus& operator= ( const CServiceStatus rhs  ) 

void Initialise ( const JetByteTools::Core::_tstring serviceName,
DWORD  serviceType,
DWORD  initialControls,
void *  pvContext 

bool HasFailureActions (  )  const

void HasFailureActions ( bool  hasFailureActions  ) 

void AcceptControls ( DWORD  flags,
bool  accept = true 
) [override, virtual]

Implements IReportServiceStatus.

void ServiceIsRunning (  )  [override, virtual]

Implements IReportServiceStatus.

void ServiceIsStopping (  )  [override, virtual]

Implements IReportServiceStatus.

void ReportStatus (  )  const [override, virtual]

Implements IReportServiceStatus.

void SetUltimateState ( DWORD  ultimateState,
DWORD  waitHint 
) [override, virtual]

Implements IReportServiceStatus.

void AdvanceState ( DWORD  waitHint,
DWORD  checkPoint = 0 
) [override, virtual]

Implements IReportServiceStatus.

void ReportUltimateState (  )  [override, virtual]

Implements IReportServiceStatus.

void ReportWin32FatalError ( DWORD  dwError  )  [override, virtual]

Implements IReportServiceStatus.

void ReportServiceSpecificFatalError ( DWORD  dwError  )  [override, virtual]

Implements IReportServiceStatus.

bool IsInDebugMode (  )  const [override, virtual]

Implements IReportServiceStatus.

void Notify ( JetByteTools::Milliseconds  nextNotificationMillis  )  [override, virtual]

Implements INotifyProgress.

CServiceStatus::Handle RegisterForDeviceNotification (  )  [override, virtual]

CServiceStatus::Handle RegisterForDeviceNotification ( const GUID deviceInterfaceGuid  )  [override, virtual]

CServiceStatus::Handle RegisterForDeviceNotification ( HANDLE  hDevice  )  [override, virtual]

CServiceStatus::Handle RegisterForPowerSettingNotification ( const GUID powerSettingGuid  )  [override, virtual]

void UnregisterNotification ( Handle  handle  )  [override]

void UnregisterNotifications (  )  [override, virtual]

virtual void UnregisterNotification ( Handle  handle  )  [pure virtual, inherited]

Member Data Documentation

const IManageServiceNotifications::Handle PowerHandleMask = 0xF0000000 [static, protected, inherited]

const IManageServiceNotifications::Handle MaxHandleValue = 0x0FFFFFFF [static, protected, inherited]

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