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CKernelObjectNameImpl Class Reference
[Win32 Kernel Objects]

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Detailed Description

Implements IKernelObjectName in such a way that it's easy to provide an arbitrary prefix to an unqualified name for use in the kernel object namespace.

Public Member Functions

 CKernelObjectNameImpl (const Core::_tstring &name)
 CKernelObjectNameImpl (const Core::_tstring &prefix, const Core::_tstring &name)
 CKernelObjectNameImpl (const IKernelObjectName &rhs)
 ~CKernelObjectNameImpl () override
CKernelObjectNameImploperator= (const IKernelObjectName &rhs)
Core::_tstring GetName () const override
bool IsGlobalName () const override
bool IsLocalName () const override
bool IsUnqualifiedName () const override

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CKernelObjectNameImpl ( const Core::_tstring name  )  [explicit]

CKernelObjectNameImpl ( const Core::_tstring prefix,
const Core::_tstring name 

CKernelObjectNameImpl ( const IKernelObjectName rhs  )  [explicit]

~CKernelObjectNameImpl (  )  [override]

Member Function Documentation

CKernelObjectNameImpl & operator= ( const IKernelObjectName rhs  ) 

_tstring GetName (  )  const [override, virtual]

Implements IKernelObjectName.

bool IsGlobalName (  )  const [override, virtual]

Implements IKernelObjectName.

bool IsLocalName (  )  const [override, virtual]

Implements IKernelObjectName.

bool IsUnqualifiedName (  )  const [override, virtual]

Implements IKernelObjectName.

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