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CProcessToken Class Reference

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Public Types

typedef std::list
< Privilege

Public Member Functions

 CProcessToken ()
 CProcessToken (DWORD desiredAccess)
 CProcessToken (const CSmartHandle &hToken)
 CProcessToken (HANDLE hToken)
 CProcessToken (const CProcessToken &rhs)
 ~CProcessToken ()
CProcessTokenoperator= (const CProcessToken &rhs)
bool IsUserAnAdmin () const
bool HasPrivilege (const Core::_tstring &privilege) const
bool IsPrivilegeEnabled (const Core::_tstring &privilege) const
void EnablePrivilege (const Core::_tstring &privilege)
void DisablePrivilege (const Core::_tstring &privilege)
void RemovePrivilege (const Core::_tstring &privilege)
bool EnablePrivilegeIfPossible (const Core::_tstring &privilege)
bool DisablePrivilegeIfPossible (const Core::_tstring &privilege)
bool RemovePrivilegeIfPossible (const Core::_tstring &privilege)
Privileges GetPrivileges () const


class  Enabler
class  OptionalEnabler
struct  Privilege

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::list<Privilege> Privileges

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CProcessToken (  ) 

CProcessToken ( DWORD  desiredAccess  )  [explicit]

CProcessToken ( const CSmartHandle hToken  )  [explicit]

CProcessToken ( HANDLE  hToken  )  [explicit]

CProcessToken ( const CProcessToken rhs  ) 

~CProcessToken (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

CProcessToken& operator= ( const CProcessToken rhs  ) 

bool IsUserAnAdmin (  )  const

bool HasPrivilege ( const Core::_tstring privilege  )  const

bool IsPrivilegeEnabled ( const Core::_tstring privilege  )  const

void EnablePrivilege ( const Core::_tstring privilege  ) 

void DisablePrivilege ( const Core::_tstring privilege  ) 

void RemovePrivilege ( const Core::_tstring privilege  ) 

bool EnablePrivilegeIfPossible ( const Core::_tstring privilege  ) 

bool DisablePrivilegeIfPossible ( const Core::_tstring privilege  ) 

bool RemovePrivilegeIfPossible ( const Core::_tstring privilege  ) 

CProcessToken::Privileges GetPrivileges (  )  const

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