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Release Notes - CLR Hosting Tools Library

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Version 7.4
  • Remove support for Visual Studio 2015.

Version 7.3
  • Removed seldom used and untested aspects of the library. Contact us if you relied on functionality that is no longer present in this release.

Version 7.2
  • Removal of manual "#define include guards" now that all supported compilers support pragma once.
  • Removal of out of date lint directives.
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2022 Preview.

Version 7.1
Version 7.0
  • Major changes due to preparations for multi-platform support. Addition of CoreTools library which contains all cross platform code that was previously in Win32Tools.

Version 6.9.5
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2019 (16.5 - 16.9).
  • Updated project files to make release build optimisations consistent.
  • Rationalised precompiled header usage.
  • Removed unrequired includes.
  • Began to move towards removing JetByteTools\Win32Tools\Utils.h by splitting it into more functionally cohesive headers.
  • Changes to avoid explicitly catching JetByteTools::Win32::CSEHException now that it derives from JetByteTools::Win32::CException.

Version 6.9.4
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2019 (16.4).

Version 6.9.3
  • Fixed issued raised by Resharper++
  • Changed include path separators from \ to / so as to support compilation on Linux using CLANG
  • Fixed case of include file names to aid portability.
  • Migrating code towards 'modern C++' idioms.
  • Suppress warning C4355 "'this': used in base member initializer list" in Warnings.h and remove per file suppressions. We just use this idiom far too often for it to be a special case.
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2019 (16.3).
  • Dropped support for Visual Studio 2013.

Version 6.9.2
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2017 (15.6 - 15.9).
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2019 (16 - 16.2).

Version 6.9.1
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2017 15.5.

Version 6.9
  • Fixed issued raised by CppDepend
  • Fixed issued raised by Resharper++

Version 6.8
  • Made pragma once unconditional in headers.
  • Fixed issued raised by PC-Lint Plus.
  • Fixed issued raised by CppDepend
  • Fixed issued raised by Resharper++
  • Use override rather than virtual for implementations of virtual functions in derived classes.
  • Added new headers JB_MSCoreE.h and JB_ATLBase.h which wrap the system headers and which contain comments that will help you set up the build environment in situations where these system headers are not available.

Version 6.7
  • No changes.

Version 6.6.6
  • No changes.

Version 6.6.5
  • No changes.

Version 6.6.4
  • No changes.

Version 6.6.3
  • Ran Visual Lint using Gimpel PC Lint on all code and adjusted to remove warnings and fix bugs.
  • Removed all use of exception specifications. We only ever used throw() but that's now gone too.
  • Protected non-virtual destructors on interfaces are now virtual even though they you can't delete the object via the interface.
  • All destructors that could throw exceptions now have optional "log and swallow" exception handlers which are enabled by default. This is better than ignoring the problem and being faced with a call to std::terminate() which can be hard to track down.

Version 6.6.2
Version 6.6.1
  • No changes.

Version 6.6
Version 6.5.9
  • Added JetByteTools::CLRHosting::CCLRStrongName and JetByteTools::CLRHosting::CCLRRuntimeInfo::GetCLRStrongNameInterface() to access the new .Net 4.0 strong name API.

Version 6.5.8
  • No changes.

Version 6.5.7
  • Updated our support of Visual Studio 2012 to the RTM version. Added a few more warning suppressions. Fixed the solution file format so that it's actually a 2012 solution file and not a 2010 solution file using the 2012 tool chain.

Version 6.5.6
  • We now support Visual Studio 11. At present the code has only been tested with the beta version.

Version 6.5.5
Version 6.5.4
  • No changes.

Version 6.5.3
  • No changes.

Version 6.5.2
  • No changes.

Version 6.5.1
  • No changes.

Version 6.5
Version 6.4
Version 6.3.3
Version 6.3.2
Version 6.3.1
  • No changes.

Version 6.3
  • Lots of white space changes which make comparing actual changes with 6.2 quite hard. Sorry.
  • Catch potential exceptions in the destructor of JetByteTools::CLRHosting::CCLREventSink.
  • Added JetByteTools::CLRHosting::CCLREventSink::DisableCallbacks() which prevents future events from being passed on to the callback interface. Useful during shutdown.
  • Adjusted how JetByteTools::CLRHosting::CCLRHost is constructed and how it manages its subobjects.0
  • Added support for accessing the CLR's policy manager, via JetByteTools::CLRHosting::CCLRHost::GetPolicyManager().
  • Added JetByteTools::CLRHosting::CCLRHost::StartIfPossible() which is like Start() but returns false rather than throwing an exception if the CLR is already running.
  • Added JetByteTools::CLRHosting::CLRHostFactory which can be used to create hosts using either the .Net 2.0 hosting API or the .Net 4.0 hosting API.
  • Adjusted JetByteTools::CLRHosting::CLRMetaHost so that it links dynamically with CLRCreateInstance() so that code built with it can still run on platforms that do not have .Net 4.0 installed.
  • Added JetByteTools::CLRHosting::CLRMetaHost::CanCreate() which returns true if CLRCreateInstance() is available an the .Net 4.0 hosting API can be used.
  • Added JetByteTools::CLRHosting::CCLRPolicyManager which allows access to the CLR's policy manager and provides functionality to set the error handling and escalation policies for a host.
  • Added JetByteTools::CLRHosting::CCLRRuntimeInfo::SetDefaultStartupFlags().
  • Added JetByteTools::CLRHosting::CCLRRuntimes
  • JetByteTools::CLRHosting::CException no longer uses LoadStringRC() which never seemed to do much any way. The reason for the removal is that it's a .Net 2.0 API and it probably shouldn't be used when we're using the .Net 4.0 API.
  • Added JetByteTools::CLRHosting::CHostPolicyManager which allows the CLR to inform the host of various policy issues.

Version 6.2
Version 6.1.1
  • No changes.

Version 6.1
  • No changes.

Version 6.0
  • Added JetByteTools::CLRHosting::CException which we now use in place of JetByteTools::COM::CException. This exception class tries quite hard to get meaningful error description strings from the CLR dlls; it doesn't always work though :(.
  • We now include mscoree.h directly rather than including the Admin library wrapper. The wrapper was only required for VC6 and has now been removed.

Version 5.2.5
  • No changes.

Version 5.2.4
  • No changes.

Version 5.2.3
  • No changes.

Version 5.2.2
  • No changes.

Version 5.2.1
  • No changes.

Version 5.2
  • Initial revision

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