High performance networking is hard.

The Server Framework is a set of mature, well tested, C++ libraries that make building super scalable, high performance TCP and UDP clients and servers on Windows platforms easy.

“Integration of The Server Framework was very straight forward. Whenever necessary, Len was always there to help, answer questions, and clear up any confusion. Performance was a primary requirement, and The Server Framework delivers.” - John Martin, GSI Labs

The Server Framework comes with over 70 fully working, non-trivial example servers to get you off to a flying start.

“Even though we have so far only begun to scratch the surface of what The Server Framework can do, we can already see concrete benefits. We are looking forward to further improving Cadcorp GeognoSIS as we dig deeper and take more advantage of what The Server Framework offers.” - Martin Daly, Technical Director, Cadcorp

The Server Framework is stable and reliable and makes high performance networking easy.

“The Server Framework has proved perfectly stable and performance is excellent.” - John McMorris, JunoTrade Corporation

“The Server Framework allowed Tricerat to focus on the business logic, saving a lot of time that would have otherwise been spent developing such a robust communication architecture.” - Eric Musgrave, VP of Research and Development, Tricerat

Why not let The Server Framework deal with the complexity of writing super scalable, high performance, networking code so you are free to concentrate on your real work and you can get your system Online, On Time.