How do I use The Server Framework?

The Server Framework is a set of C++ libraries that you compile and link with your application.

The Server Framework is available for licensing with a ‘per company’ license (you can have any number of developers working with the code at one time). Licensing terms are such that you have an unrestricted license to use and modify the source code and a royalty free license to distribute anything built from the code in compiled form.

The Server Framework has been in use with our clients since 2001 and is the basis for many varied high performance servers that run 24/7. A client list is available on request and you are more than welcome to ask us to provide client contact details for reference purposes if required.

There are more than 60 example servers available for The Server Framework, see here for details, and these can be downloaded prior to licensing so that you can get a feel for how a server (or client) is built using The Server Framework.

Documentation is an ongoing project and is driven by customer demand. You can view the latest Doxygen documentation here.

The fastest way to get up to speed with The Server Framework and what it can do for you is to browse the examples and then drill down into the documentation as you find areas that interest you.