Who is using The Server Framework?

Companies all over the world are using The Server Framework to speed their delivery of complex network software. Any software designed for a Windows platform that uses the network for connectivity can benefit from The Server Framework.

We have clients in finance, gaming, telephony, online auctions, industrial control and general networking services. Anyone who needs to deal with a large number of connections quickly and efficiently will find that The Server Framework helps them get on with the task of writing the part of the system that they know about and lets us deal with the complexities of providing a highly scalable, high performance, rock solid networking layer.

Many of our clients use The Server Framework as their “secret weapon”, so some of them have asked us to hide their identities in our online client list. Others are still in “stealth mode” and so don’t even like us talking about them even in vague terms. Rest assured, a full client list is available by request and we can arrange for you to talk with our clients if you would like to obtain references or simply to discuss the advantages of using The Server Framework with people who know.