SIP Company

We’ve recently developed a high-performance SIP Gateway for a company that provides VoIP services.

The gateway added TLS support, (using the SChannel option pack) for their existing SIP offering by accepting secure SIP connections, dealing with all the security issues and routing the calls to their existing TCP based SIP stack.

After the first phase of the project had been live for some time we extended the system for them to also support SIP over secure WebSockets.

“Len did as work for us on MS Windows platform involving securing SIP Communication using windows CNG. The end product performance exceeded our expectations. He was extremely responsive to any of the issues we faced during the development and testing. The code (mainly C++) and the product guide he came up with made the integration with our product seamless. We would definitely work with him in the future for any of our product development needs in the area of MS Windows and Linux/Unix environment involving secure Real Time communications.”