Why do I need The Server Framework?

Writing super scalable, high performance servers is hard.

We have over 15 years’ experience of producing solutions with The Server Framework. Our experience in developing high performance servers has been translated into the code of The Server Framework. We haven’t just read about the potential problems that show up when you’re writing servers that need to deal with tens of thousands of concurrent connections, we’ve experienced them, solved them and delivered solutions to our clients. You can take advantage of all of this knowledge with a license to The Server Framework.

The Server Framework comes with over 60 example servers to get you off to a flying start and if none of these are quite what you need then we can help. Our experience with scalable networking code and The Server Framework in particular means that we’re able to deliver custom solutions far sooner, more cost effectively and with less risk than you’d expect!

You get email support and updates to The Server Framework forever. As the Windows Platform evolves so does The Server Framework. Each release of The Server Framework undergoes exhaustive testing. Much of the code was developed using Test Driven Development, most of the code has extensive unit test coverage and all of the example servers are run through automatic integration and acceptance tests which stress the code in all manner of ways. We have a “no known bugs” policy which means that no new features can be developed whilst we know of an unfixed bug in The Server Framework. You can be sure that if you do find a bug we’ll fix it fast, often the same day!

All of this leaves you and your team free to focus on your business logic and let us deal with the networking.