Most people who buy a license to The Server Framework are quite happy to build their servers or clients themselves. Usually they base their product on one of the many example servers that are available and that demonstrate many aspects of The Server Framework. Some clients need a little help and we are always on hand to answer questions via email.

If none of the examples are quite what you need or if your team needs some help in building your server then we can help, either building your complete server solution for you, or putting together a basic server shell or a custom built example using The Server Framework so that your team can get on with the work that’s important to you rather than having them waste time solving networking problems.

We’re so experienced with building scalable, high performance solutions and working with The Server Framework that we can often put together a solution for you much faster than you might expect and since we usually like to quote a fixed price for the work it’s often also far cheaper than you would expect. Let us remove the risk from your project and work with you and your team to build your system and your team’s ability to maintain and enhance your solution.

If you need help working with The Server Framework then get in touch with us via email to