The WebSockets Option Pack

With The WebSockets Option Pack you can add the ability to establish and accept WebSocket connections to your clients or servers.

This allows your servers to accept inbound connections from HTML5 clients and also to establish connections to WebSocket servers.

The official WebSocket protocol RFC 6455 was released in December 2011 but many web browsers support various versions of the draft standard. The WebSockets Option Pack supports the final RFC and the most popular deployed versions of the protocol.

At present we support the following versions of the protocol and can auto-detect which version a client is using:

  • Hixie76
  • HyBi-07
  • HyBi-12 (version 8 of the protocol, there were no versions 9-12)
  • RFC 6455 (version 13 of the protocol, there were no versions 14-17)

See here for example servers.

See here for documentation.

See here for test results from the Autobahn WebSockets protocol compliance tests.