The CLR Hosting Option Pack

With The CLR Hosting Option Pack you can add the ability to run managed code to your clients or servers. The CLR Hosting Option Pack allows you to host the Microsoft Common Language Runtime inside of your server process and load and run managed code (written in C#, perhaps) from within the unmanaged C++ of your server.

This can be very useful to provide a plugin system or to load managed applications and make them available to users of your server. Of course you might need the flexibility to build additional functionality in unmanaged code before you transition to the CLR. With the CLR Hosting Option Pack that’s always possible. Do as much or as little as you like in either managed or unmanaged code.

As with the other option packs The CLR Hosting Option Pack comes with example servers that demonstrate various aspects of hosting the CLR and loading and running managed code that interacts with your unmanaged server.

See here for example servers.

See here for documentation.