Latest release of The Server Framework: 6.5.5

Version 6.5.5 of The Server Framework was released today.

This release contains some bug fixes, a selection of minor improvements and support for Visual Studio 11 Beta and Windows 8. If you use either the Read Timeout filter or the Flow Control filter then you should install this update.

This release includes the following, see the release notes, here, for full details of all changes.

  • Rewrote CFlowControlStreamSocketConnectionFilter to make it more reliable and correct.
  • Bug fix. CReadTimeoutStreamSocketConnectionFilter now holds a socket reference when the timer is set.
  • Bug fix. TAsyncSocket::CanIssueFilteredWrite() now checks that the socket is valid before calling TAsyncSocket::ForceWritePending().
  • Fixed some warnings generated by /analyze.
  • Added JetByteTools::WebSocket::CSmartWebSocket.
  • Added debug trace output to CThreadedCallbackTimerQueue::OnThreadTerminationException(). This is one of the rare cases where the libraries log to the debug trace internally. You should override CThreadedCallbackTimerQueue::OnThreadTerminationException() if you don’t want it to log to the debug trace BUT you should log the details somewhere as a thread termination in the timer queue will stall the queue and produce bugs which are hard to track down if you haven’t logged the fact that the thread has died.
  • Adjusted how CLRHosting::CException::GetErrorMessage() deals with HRESULTs that are actually just Win32 errors.
  • Bug fix. Potential buffer overflow in CLRHosting::CException::GetErrorMessage()
  • Bug fix. Memory leak, delete rather than delete [] in CHostAssemblyManager::GetNonHostStoreAssemblies()