6.6: Saying goodbye to compilers, operating systems and code...

As we first mentioned here, release 6.6 of The Server Framework removes support for Visual Studio .Net (2002) and Visual Studio .Net (2003). The 2002 compiler is no longer supported by Microsoft and the 2003 compiler becomes unsupported in October this year. To be honest, I’m very pleased to see the back of them. Hopefully most users of the framework are using at least Visual Studio 2005, if you’re not, get in touch now.

We’re also dropping support for Windows 2000, which Microsoft stopped supporting in 2010 this means the Windows XP is the earliest supported operating system for version 6.6.

Finally we’re deprecating quite a bit of code. This will still be present in 6.6 but will, generally, be unavailable by default. You can add various defines to your Config.h to re-enable the deprecated code but be warned, it will be going in a future release.

The following code is deprecated in 6.6