Latest release of The Server Framework: 6.5

Version 6.5 of The Server Framework was released today.

This release includes the following, see the release notes, here, for full details of all changes.

  • WebSockets support via The WebSockets Option Pack. WebSocket protocol compliance test results can be found here.
  • Improvements to the flow control connection filter so that managing high volume connections is easier than ever.
  • Added code to automatically detect if it’s safe to enable FILE_SKIP_COMPLETION_PORT_ON_SUCCESS on a given machine. See this Microsoft Knowledge Base article for more details.
  • Extended the IBuffer interface to provide more control over buffer manipulation
  • Added buffer chains, a set of invasive lists for linking buffers together. These are much more performant than then old STL based buffer lists and collections.
  • New high performance expanding thread pool.
  • Support for the latest versions of TinyXML and ZLib.