Prices - Option Bundles

The Server Framework is licensed as a ‘core framework’ with optional extras. You can select which options you require and add them to a ‘core framework’ license at any time and the individual prices can be found here.

If you decide to buy several options at once then you can take advantage of our option bundles to reduce your costs by between 12 and 18%.

All option bundles are based on purchasing “The Performance Service Bundle”, see below, and then adding a number of additional Option Packs on. You can always download all examples for all options (from here) and you may find this useful to determine which options you need.

  1. Performance Service Bundle Core + Services + PerfCounters - £7,500
  2. (1) + any 1 additional Option Pack - £10,250
  3. (1) + any 2 additional Option Packs - £13,000
  4. (1) + any 3 additional Option Packs - £15,000

Details of how to purchase are available here.